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sports injuries

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Posted on 08-29-2012

With summer winding down and the children going back to school we tend to get so caught up with running our kids from sport to sport and not taking the proper time to educate ourselves on injury prevention and the proper way to care for injuries. Participation in sports and physically activity has many benefits to our health and well being; however, accidents and injuries during these activities occur all too frequently. Finding the right help to understand how to limit, prevent, or heal from a sports injury is an essential part of staying in the game. Chiropractic, through such specialized educational resources has one of the most modern and effective non-drug and non-surgical sports rehabilitation programs available today.

A sports injury can occur at anytime whether it’s due to over-use of the muscle, tendon, joints, or even an accident. In an organized sport over 50% of these injuries happen in practices as opposed to the actual games. The sports that rank among the highest of reported injuries are basketball, football, and soccer.

Chiropractors diagnose and evaluate sports injury by use of history (how, when, and why it happened) examination, and (if needed) x-ray. After the diagnosis and the severity of the injury are determined, an appropriate treatment program will be recommended.

In the initial visit to your chiropractor they may use certain modalities such as massage, ultrasound, or electrical muscle stimulation to reduce the swelling around a joint or in a muscle. Techniques such as passive range of motion may also be applied. A strengthening plan, to help you prevent re-injuries in the future, may be recommended when the injury is well healed.

Some helpful tips to prevent sports injuries may include: stretching, warm up, ice before using muscles, cool down, and proper nutrition. Although sports injuries are unavoidable the proper care and management will have your athlete back on the field in no time!

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